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Vistamix is an outgrowth of my graduate project that was in turn developed from the curriculum I designed for Design Camp. Originally a collaboration between the Raleigh Contemporary Art Museum and NC State's College of Design, it is an immersive week long experience for Junior and Senior in High School. My portion was the Art+Design part of the week, where I developed a one-day stop motion workshop, covering storyboarding, digital storytelling, improvisational use of materials, and principles of animation. 18 students a day, 4 days a week!


Litre funded project to run a small scale implementation of Livejournal. We will be examing how community based writing tools can enhance a learning experience. It is important to understand that unlike blogs, which are largely parallel endeavors, Livejournal users can create their own internal network of friends.I think this will make it a good tool to facillate online writing critique and community projects. I am not interested in creating "just another blogging service", but instead focusing on a tool that may enhance the ability for students to communicate with each other.

iTunes U and Wolfcast @ NCSU

Through a collaboration with Everette Allen and myself, ITD launched a podcasting service for campus several years ago, called Wolfcast. With it's modest success, I wrote NCSU's proposal for Apple's iTunes U project, which was accepted. I am now the campus administrator for NC State's iTunes U Site.


Flyspace is a Litre funded project to build small scale collaborative spaces. I wrote the proposal, and am listed as PI, but this was a collaborative effort of the Talley Student Center, Dickran Parunak (A/V consultant), Sarah Noell (Project Manager) and others. I wanted to work on inexpensive space designs after reading about how small dot.com companies dealt with space issues (they gave up offices and had small meeting rooms instead) and from observing the "studio space" that is a common feature in the Design School. It is not a technology showcase, instead an attempt to put a lot of simple tools and the ability to schedule space into the hands of students. That is in my opinion it's most revolutionary aspect.


On the BioMovies project, I acted as technical consultant on a 5 year USDA grant in collaboration with Dr. Betty Black, Dr. Hal Heatwole and Dr. Maryanne Feaver. My role was a bit of everything; videographer, digital compressionist, interactivity consultant, graphic designer, programmer, learning theory consultant., technician. Essentially, I solved all the technical problems, suggested the modular approach to creating courseware content (now known as "learning objects") with the idea that K-12 instructors would be able to use all the content we created for free, mixing and matching high quality video and interactive movies. We chose to much of the interactivity using Qucktime, because it offered high quality video playback and interactivity with a freely available player for both the Windows and Mac platform.

PDA Projects

I have worked on several PDA and mobile technology projects, including a PDA based "instant quizzing" project and a LITRE funded project to use location based information delivery, using a Wideray. Currently, I am focusing on delivery of rich media to mobile devices.

Other Projects

These are smaller things that I am working on:

Wolfbytes Radio and Television: Online streaming radio and television system. We replaced a bunch of PC's that got hacked all the time with with two little Mac Mini's using Shoutcast. The stream can be listened on personal computers and mobile devices such as the iPhone or Android handset.

Digital Asset Management Task Force: I am a member of the NCSU task force, and wrote the intro (not the executive summary) for the final report which has been completed.

mobile.ncsu.edu is maintained by me.



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